687 Reamer Fire Attorney

On February 27, 2024, the 687 Reamer Fire ignited in Hutchinson County, Texas, just a few miles outside Stinnett, TX. Before merging with the larger Smokehouse Creek Fire, the 687 Reamer Fire burned 2,000 acres of land. Officials have since confirmed the cause of the fire was due to utility company equipment.

687 Reamer Fire Attorney

If you or a loved one have been affected by the Reamer Fire, you may be eligible for compensation. While your insurance policy may offer some coverage for your losses, wildfires often cause extensive damage that may not be within your policy limits or scope.

At Singleton Schreiber, we understand how devastating wildfires can be, related legal issues, and what you need to move forward if you’ve been affected. After you have assured that you and your family are safe, contact Singleton Schreiber for a case evaluation. Our attorneys will explain your legal options to you, guide you to essential resources, and build a strong legal strategy to obtain compensation for the losses you suffered.

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How Singleton Schreiber Helps Wildfire Victims

In the aftermath of a wildfire, victims often find themselves displaced from their homes while facing serious financial losses. Some victims may even be seriously injured from the fire or smoke. At Singleton Schreiber we understand that this time can be difficult and confusing, and victims may not know what step to take next – that’s why we are here.

Singleton Schreiber is ready to help those affected by the 687 Reamer Fire in Hutchinson County, Texas.

  • Our experienced wildfire attorneys have held both private and public entities accountable for the damages caused by their unsafe equipment or negligence.
  • Our team of lawyers has been involved in nearly all meaningful wildfire litigation in the Western US. Since 2007, we have helped more than 20,000 businesses, individuals, and public entities obtain compensation for losses incurred due to wildfires.
  • We are fully dedicated to your wildfire claim and are prepared to invest our time, energy, and resources to fight for your rights.

687 Reamer Fire Details

The 687 Reamer Fire began burning on February 27, 2024, six miles Southeast of Stinnett, TX, and burned East where it merged with the larger Smokehouse Fire. Before merging with Smokehouse Fire, the largest wildfire in Texas history, the 687 Reamer Fire scorched 2,000 acres of land.

As of March 7th, Texas A&M officials confirmed that the 687 Reamer Fire and Smokehouse Creek Fires were caused by a downed Xcel Energy powerline. Xcel Energy also issued a statement expressing that their utility equipment appeared to play a role in igniting the fire.

Available Compensation After a Wildfire

687 Reamer Fire Attorney

At Singleton Schreiber, we understand that wildfires can have devastating effects so we approach each claim with care and understanding. After a wildfire, you may be eligible for compensation for the following:

  • Property Damage: this can include the complete or partial loss of structures, damage due to smoke, soot, and/or ash, damage to landscaping, and trees damaged or destroyed.
  • Business Losses: destroyed or damaged structures or assets, and interruption of business.
  • Evacuation Expenses: costs associated with finding housing/shelter due to sudden evacuation, such as hotel or alternative housing expenses, and other expenses related to evacuation.
  • Serious Injuries: smoke inhalation, burns, and wrongful death. Exposure to ash, smoke, and soot may cause damage and incur long-term health problems that necessitate medical care.
  • Loss of Pets and Livestock: particularly cattle in the case of the 687 Reamer Fire. The Texas Panhandle is home to an estimated 85 percent of the state’s cattle.

While insurance policies may provide some coverage, they may not cover the full extent of your devastating losses incurred by wildfires. Singleton Schreiber may be able to help you by examining your insurance policy, working to recover what you are entitled to, and pursuing compensation from Xcel Energy for the damage caused by their negligence.

Let Singleton Schreiber Help You Today

If you or a loved one have lost your home or business, were seriously injured, or displaced due to the Reamer Fire, you are not alone. At Singleton Schreiber, our Texas wildfire attorneys have extensive experience handling wildfire claims and have the skills to hold both public and private entities responsible for the damage caused. Call us today at (806) 602-2450 (ADVERTISING) to schedule for more information.

Disclaimer: This website is attorney advertising for Singleton Schreiber.

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